Website design checklist

Website Design Checklist

Here are few steps which you should know for building a website:

Purpose of your business

What is your business industry?
Do you want a 4-5 page information website or will you be selling products online.
Do you want to build information blogs with regular posts and monetize them.

Domain name

You will need to buy domain name for your website.
Domain name is the web address of the website.
You can buy domains from ventraip, godaddy, crazydomains, namecheap etc.

You will need a branding/logo for your business.


You will need to decide what platform would you like your website to be build on.
What platform do you want i.e., wordpress/shopify/wix etc.


Your website needs to be stored on a server where it will be available over internet 24/7 and for that you will need hosting.
You can get hosting from siteground, ventraip, namecheap etc.

Connect your domain to hosting

You will need to connect your website address to your hosting server.

Determine what do you need to launch your business.
Do you want to start up with a small website and grow as your business grow or do you want to have it built now.

Website structure and features

What are the main features/requirements you want to have on your website
How many pages do you need
How many forms would you like to have on the website
Social media integrations
Videos, photos storage on the server
Payment configurations if its ecommerce website
Mobile friendly
Easy to use Content management System
Self manage future update?

Build yourself or take professional help

Do you want to create website yourself or would you like to take professional help
Most of the platforms offers documentation to build yourself and learn.

Create content
Write good quality content which is good for search engine optimization. Content is the king.
If your content is good it will make your visitors stay longer on the website and increase your brand value.
Make sure to add your business content information, phone number, location, email etc.

Promote your business
Once website is live, think about how you can bring visitors to your website and convert them into sales.
You can promote your website through social media, google ads, business cards, business directories etc.

Check your website performance
Track how your website is doing by setting up google analytics on the website.

Write blog posts
Keep writing regular blogs on your website to give information to your visitors.


That’s pretty much it for setting up a website and building your brand.

I wish you the best for your business!